Myprotein Stress the Importance of Recovery Time

Manchester, United Kingdom (24 December 2010) – Myprotein, the UK’s number one online supplier of protein supplements and sports nutrition products, are highlighting the need for a sustained period of rest after each and every workout session, to fully maximise the body’s potential and build stronger, healthier muscles.

Overdoing it at the gym can lead to muscle exhaustion, and while the effort put in during a particularly heavy routine is certainly commendable, it will effectively lead to diminished returns and lack of results. Pushing the body too much can also lead to a physical and psychological condition called Overtraining Syndrome (OTS), of which the symptoms can include:

• Lack of energy
• Continual muscle soreness
• Headaches
• Insomnia
• Irritability
• Depression
• Decreased performance
• Increased incidence of injury

Myprotein are stressing the need for an intelligent, well thought-out workout routine that’s ingrained with the right amount of rest and the best protein supplements. They also advise participating in a range of recovery techniques after a workout, including stretching, having an ice bath, contrast bathing and massage.

“Having a properly-structured recovery routine alongside your workout is its own reward and will get you better results in the long-term,” commented Neil Kirwin of Myprotein. “As well as your routine, you also need to factor in a healthy diet which consists of the best protein supplements, such as protein shakes and whey protein powder for the best results possible.”

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