Halifax, United Kingdom (11 February 2011) – Harrison Lighting, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of electrical goods and specialists in home lighting, are delighted to announce the addition of the new Halers Dimmable Downlight to their extensive range of lighting products.

Halers, as a division of the established Collingwood Lighting brand, are committed to developing industry leading lighting technology, meeting the very highest quality technical standards, and ensuring safety, reliability and value for money for all users.

The launch of Halers’ new Dimmable Downlight has been delayed since late August 2010 due to the chip needed for it to dim smoothly being the same as that used in the recently released i-Phone 4. Only 5000 of these chips were available at the beginning of September, and unfortunately for Halers they were outbid for them by Apple, thus pushing back the Dimmable Downlight’s release date.

The brightness of the light is very high, which is a particularly impressive indication of Halers cutting edge approach to lighting development considering the product is 90% energy saving compared with similarly bright halogen lights with 50 watt GU10s.

Such is Halers confidence in their new product, they have placed a seven year guarantee on all Dimmable Downlights, which is far higher than any other LED light on the market. The fact that it would be impossible for Halers to have thoroughly tested the longevity of the Dimmable Downlight is further proof of their conviction that this is a product of the very highest quality.

“We are thrilled to be adding the new Halers Dimmable Downlight to our selection of LED lighting products,” commented a spokesperson for Harrison Lighting. “This latest development by Halers is a perfect example of why they are considered industry leaders in the manufacturing of LED lights. One of the most impressive aspects of the Dimmable Downlight is its ability to save 90% more energy than halogen lights of comparable brightness, which is great news for the users’ consciences and pockets. Further savings can be made by buying online from Harrison Lighting, where we offer free delivery on all orders over £50.”

For more information about Harrison Lighting and the new Halers Dimmable Downlight, visit their website at http://www.harrisonlighting.co.uk/ or telephone 01422 363525.

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