London, United Kingdom (11 February 2011) – Metal Design Furniture, an up-and-coming online retailer of metal beds, home accessories, fences, garden furniture and gazebos, are showcasing their selection of non-squeaky bespoke iron beds following revelations that squeaky beds can actually get you in trouble with the law!

Reports in November 2010 described one German couples’ unlawful ‘noise pollution’ during a night of passion. The ‘banging’ noises made from their ‘squeaking’ bed, as described by a judge, had led to ten neighbours filing formal complaints about the noises late at night and early in the morning.

Although during the hearing, one half of the charged couple from Lichtenburg, Stefanie Mueller, commented that they ‘weren’t that loud,’ the court judge responded that it was ‘Perhaps not you, but your bed. We have witness statements that it was heard banging and squeaking around the neighbourhood from 11.30pm until 1.00am the next morning.’

“Certainly an interesting court case! And because of it, we at Metal Design Furniture wish to highlight that our selection of iron beds don’t squeak, providing that a good quality, silent mattress is inserted,” commented a spokesperson forMetal Design Furniture . “We make sure that our beds are compact and stable. We use three screws in both sides of the bed where most manufacturers only use two. We also line the corners of the sprung mattress bases in our collection with felt to prevent any wooden parts from rubbing against each other; meaning that our iron beds remain as sturdy as they were on the day of purchase throughout the time they are used – guaranteed.”

So if you have grouchy neighbours or you just want a really well-made compact bed, and for more information about Metal Design Furniture’s selection of metal bed frames and other furniture, visit their website at or call 020 8144 6621.

About Metal Design Furniture:

An up-and-coming London-based metal furniture manufacturer, Metal Design Furniture have already started to make a name for themselves for the lovely elegant features of their own brand of metal andiron furniture . Their range includes bed frames, garden furniture, home accessories, fences, and gazebos, all manufactured in Europe, and they retail their furniture all across the UK. Metal Design Furniture offer customisable and bespoke, contemporary metal furniture which can be easily adjusted to different spaces and uses, but without the designer price tag.


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