It is important to have a means of protecting your garden tools from both theft and the winter weather that can cause them to rust. Homeowners often have a high number of garden tools that, taken together, are worth a considerable value, which makes them attractive to thieves.

You can prevent intruders from entering your garden by surrounding it with a well-built high brick wall. Trellis fencing can be fixed at the top of the wall for additional height and security. You should also have a gate that is robust and that can be locked securely. You could also use prickly shrubbery and noisy gravel as means of deterring intruders.

A further potential criminal deterrent is a set of security lights. You should also have a well-built shed to keep your tools in, and if the wood becomes rotten or the glass breaks, you should quickly replace them. When you have finished using your garden tools and need to store them over the winter, make sure that they are securely locked away.

Garden Insurance

One of the ways in which your garden can be protected, is with good quality and affordable garden insurance. Home insurance generally consists of two elements, neither of which will necessarily provide cover for your garden: buildings insurance, which covers your property’s structure, fixtures and fittings, and contents insurance, which protects the possessions that you would take with you in the event of moving home.
It is therefore well worth checking with your insurer whether your home insurance will cover your garden. Garden cover is not offered by most UK insurers, except in the sense that garden buildings may be protected. However, even many household insurance policies that do incorporate garden cover may only offer limited protection, for example up to £500.

Garden cover has emerged as a new niche in the insurance market in recent years as a result of the increase in garden crimes such as the theft of garden tools. So that you know what level of protection that you will need, it is a good idea to do an inventory of your garden so that you do not underestimate your garden possessions’ value. The policy may also require you to specify items that are worth more than a certain value. You are also likely to have to pay extra for cover for accidental damage. If you do need to make a claim, it will help if you have photographs of your garden tools.

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