England – 03/10/2011– Despite the recession office space in Essex is still popular as companies seek ways of cutting costs.

Since the recession a huge number of firms have either downsized or gone out of business entirely. So you would expect that demand for office space would have tailed off. In most areas of the country this is true. However, office space Essex has bucked that trend, as more and more companies relocate to the area.

Office Space In Essex Is Cheaper Than In London

The main reason for the rise in popularity of office space in Essex is the fact that the county is so well connected to the rest of the country, especially the capital. Essex borders Greater London and practically every large town in the county is connected directly to the capital via train or bus.

The cost of office space in London has soared in recent years meaning that being located in the capital is expensive. In the past few years a lot of companies have taken a detailed look at their overheads including how much leasing their office space costs. They have weighed up the cost of leasing an office in London against the advantages being located in the capital gives them and realised it is not worth the extra cost.

This has lead companies to relocate their offices in an effort to cut overheads. They have naturally looked first at office space in Essex and Surrey because both counties border London. Re-locating to these counties is viable because many of their staff already live in the area, so when the company moves offices they can take their staff with them. They cannot afford to give their staff pay rises, but a lot of their staff benefit when they move from reduced commuting costs.

Office space in Essex is relatively cheap, but of a high standard. Much of the office space offered in the county is fully serviced, well connected transport wise and has good infrastructure in the form of sophisticated phone systems and super fast broadband. Agents that specialise in office space in Essex like Flexible Office Space have never been so busy.


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