England – 03/10/2011- Despite the fact many businesses are struggling many are still giving their offices a fresh look in order to compete.

During a recession everyone expects companies to cut back on all but the most essential services, and that most firms would see an office refurbishment as a bit of an extravagance. However, that does not seem to be the case because office refurbishment is still a healthy sector of the building industry.

There are several reasons for this, but the main one is image related.

Firms Use an Office Refurbishment to Impress Potential Customers

It is the need to compete effectively that is leading a wide range of firms to have their offices refurbished. When potential customers visit a firm’s offices they expect to see a professional and efficient environment. If they are faced instead with an old fashioned, stuffy and untidy environment the impression they form is negative. Many firms are realising that they need a crisp, modern public face and that the way their business is perceived is impacted either negatively or positively when someone passes through their offices.

Other firms are investing in office refurbishment because a new office offers them the chance to streamline their processes thus saving them time and money in the long run. An office refurbishment gives them the chance to have new faster and more efficient telephone and IT systems installed, so that they are in a position to give a much better service to their customers.

Some firms find themselves needing an office refurbishment because of downsizing. Many companies are closing offices and merging two locations into one meaning that they need an office refurbishment to enable them to bring teams from both locations together under one roof.

The combination of a recession and demand for a different kind of office refurbishment has thrown up challenges for office refurbishment firms like The RGF Group. They are well established in the market, but have had to change the way they operate and the type of service they offer to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses trying to get the balance right in a recession.


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