UK online electronics store pledges reliable PS3 YLOD repair service

England – 2/2/2012Any UK video gamer beset by the ‘Yellow Light of Death’ on their PlayStation 3 console can have it banished affordably and reliably thanks to British online firm ‘Game Console World’.

What has been long dubbed the ‘Yellow Light of Death’ is apparently a rare occurrence, having  affected only about 0.5% of UK PlayStation 3 consoles, according to figures released by Sony. However, when it does happen, it can doubtless prove both heartbreaking and baffling. This is because, while it is intended to indicate an internal hardware error which makes the console unusable, it does not indicate the precise source of the problem, and so attempting a PS3 YLOD repair at home is not recommended. This is where the PS3 YLOD repair service of UK online electronics firm ‘Game Console World’ can come in immeasurably useful.

The company’s PS3 YLOD repair service, which can be drawn upon through the relevant section of the ‘Game Console World’ website at, is intended to banish the ‘Yellow Light of Death’ dilemma in any PS3 both reliably and at an attractive price. However the company also boasts a roster of other repair services catering for many different PS3 problems.

A cheap and effective service for PS3 YLOD repair

Beside their great PS3 YLOD repair service, ‘Game Console World’ also boast staff capable of fixing disc read errors, hard drive errors, faulty WiFi connections and poor audio and video output in PS3s. These repair services only complement those already provided by the company for many modern games consoles, including Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable Vita, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS.

A ‘Game Console World’ spokesperson stated: “We have long stocked a great variety of video gaming goods, so it seems natural that we use our thorough know-how of games consoles to repair the faulty ones of our customers. Our customers regularly express delight with our repair services, including our PS3 YLOD repair service.”

The World Wide Web (WWW) is only becoming a more popular medium through which people look for companies offering a PS3 YLOD repair service. This suggests that ‘Game Console World’ should brace themselves for even more hits for the relevant section of their website, at


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