Online Driving Lessons Reduce The Time It Takes To Pass By 20%

Glasgow, UK April 16th 2012 – People learn to drive for many reasons – to reduce dependence on others, negate the need to rely on public transport, or to progress or advance their careers. Whatever the reason for wanting to pass, though, every learner driver has one desire in common; the desire to pass quickly and effectively. One Glasgow driving school, CAS driver training, has shown that by implementing its tailored online driving lessons with traditional practical lessons, students can pass quicker.

The instructor devised online driving lessons provide the student with a range of information on specific driving topics. 27 lessons are offered, each providing a demonstration of manoeuvres or driving skills that will be used during the next lesson. This means there is more time for the student to practice driving because there will be less time explaining the fundamentals of a particular manoeuvre. Time behind the wheel, gaining practical experience, is vital to the chances of a person’s driving test success.

The result for CAS Driver Training pupils has been a marked improvement especially in the time it takes to pass their tests. Although there is no guarantee that the system will reduce the time it takes for any individual to pass, results have shown that pupils on average pass their test 20% quicker than the national average pass time using this combination of online driving lessons and practical lessons.

CAS Driver Training is a leading Glasgow driving school, operating in all areas of the city and providing high quality, highly effective online and practical driving lessons. A package of lessons is tailored to the individual’s needs offering flexibility and helping ensure that the student has the greatest chance possible for success in their driving test.


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