Plastic Bottles Make Great Loft Insulation

England – 13/02/2012For years the only kind of loft insulation available was made from Rockwall now other materials are being used

Loft insulation is one of those products that has been around for decades, but has only recently become widely used. More and more people are waking up to the fact that they can save up to £200 on their fuel bills simply by insulating their loft space.

Most people have now fitted at least some insulation in their loft, but some people who use their loft space for storage have still not done so. The main reason for this is that traditional Rockwool insulation is itchy and gives off fibres that get into the lungs. Yes, it insulates the loft space well, but makes it an unpleasant space to go into. To some extent, Rockwool has gotten a bad rap, because modern forms of Rockwool insulation have had both of these problems engineered out of them. At least to some extent, it sheds less and is far less itchy.

However, a new insulation is available that has neither problem. It is made from recycled plastic bottles, so is also ecologically friendly. It is as easy to lie as traditional insulation and is a great replacement. It is priced to be cheap enough for most homeowners to be able to replace their old Rockwool insulation with it.

Other forms of loft insulation

In addition, to laying new insulation made from re-cycled plastic bottles in between the ceiling eaves of their loft many people are going further. They are fitting quilt insulation to their roof eaves as well. This kind of insulation comes in a roll. It consists of a layer of insulating material similar to bubble wrap that is coated with reflective foil on both sides. It is easy enough for a keen homeowner to install without the help of a builder.

YBS Insulation have been manufacturing and selling loft insulation for several decades now. They have seen demand for their products rise steeply in the past few years. They also sell insulation that can be laid under tiles. Sales of this product are also taking off, with many builders offering this insulation option to their customers.


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