Practi-Seal Practice Chest Seals Available from Bound Tree Medical Europe

Telford, UK (2nd May, 2012) – Bound Tree Medical Europe Ltd, a leading supplier of first aid equipment, hospital and medical supplies, is now providing Practi-Seal Practice Chest Seal devices on their website to assist in training for sucking chest wounds (SCWs) treatment.

A sucking chest wound (SCW) develops when the chest is penetrated, resulting in a defect that allows air to move between the chest cavity and the outside environment. A SCW decreases the ability of a victim to breathe and can be fatal if left untreated.

By placing a chest seal over an SCW, entry of air through the SCW is prevented, improving the victim’s breathing and decreasing the likelihood of a fatality.

Bound Tree Medical Europe offers a wide range of chest seals, including products with and without valves from renowned brands Bolin and Asherman. The leading first aid equipment supplier is now also providing a line of Practi-Seal chest seals, specifically designed for a training and practice environment.

A spokesperson for Bound Tree Medical Europe commented: “The most true to life model for chest seal training is practicing with the actual medical chest seal carried by emergency personnel. However, the actual seals can be quite expensive and uncomfortable to use in a training environment – often also resulting in painful depilation.

“The Practi-Seal products we are now providing are manufactured using quality latex-free materials, allowing placement and removal of the device similar to actual medical chest seals but without the setbacks associated with using these on a practice basis.”

For more information on Bound Tree Medical Ltd and the new Practi-Seal Practice Chest Seals, call 01952 565656 or visit their website at

About Bound Tree Medical:

Owned by Bound Tree Medical of Ohio, the leading EMS supplier in the United States and backed by over 30 years of knowledge and experience, Bound Tree Medical Europe is uniquely positioned with purchasing power and supplier relationships within the pre-hospital market to offer a unique service to the EMS and public safety community.

Bound Tree Medical Europe offers more than 18,000 products from over 300 manufacturers, many of which are available exclusively as the result of special vendor relationships. Manufacturers often look to Bound Tree Medical Europe as a key partner to help introduce new products onto the EMS marketplace.

Located in Shropshire, United Kingdom, the 15,000ft2 European Office and distribution facility provides Bound Tree Medical Europe with the ability to warehouse an extensive array of products and is strategically located for excellent distribution and transport routes.


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