Pure FX Offer Advice When Approaching Currency Companies


Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom (22 October 2010) – Pure FX, a leading foreign currency exchange broker, and money transfer expert, are advising people on the key questions they should be asking when dealing with a company that claims to specialize in currency exchange and money transfers.


With the UK economy still finding its feet after one of the deepest recessions in its history, Pure FX feels that people should be more vigilant with their money than ever, especially when it comes to currency exchange. Just two weeks ago Crown Currency went into administration causing many people to lose thousands of pounds. With this in mind Pure FX has outlined some key questions that clients should ask when approaching currency companies:

  • Whether the company is able to offer designated client accounts or not
  • Whether the company is directly authorized by the Financial Services Authority, and not just registered with them
  • Whether the company is non-speculative or will take risks with clients’ money
  • Whether it has a good track record and can provide client testimonials
  • Is it an established business

“We feel that these are the most important questions people should ask whenever they approach a currency broker for the first time,” comments James Roberts of Pure FX. “The main priority to underline research needs to be imparted on the client’s side before they commit to letting a company look after their money transfer services. Ultimately if they don’t feel comfortable then get a second opinion or simply find another currency broker to deal with.”

For more information about Pure FX and their services, visit their website at http://www.purefx.co.uk/ or contact them at 01494 671800.

About Pure FX:
Pure FX specialises in providing foreign exchange and international payment solutions for both private and corporate clients. Their range of services benefits clients in many ways – fixed exchange rates, zero commission, and risk management all aid clients in getting the most from their money.

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