England 16/11/2012 – PVCu doors look good and are easy to maintain a combination many consumers seem unable to resist

Practically wherever you go in the UK, you will see PVCu doors. They are literally everywhere from terrace houses, in the poorest areas, to huge homes in expensive parts of London. Even offices and other commercial properties are being fitted with them.

There are many different styles available, so matching the styling of the rest of the property is not a problem. They also come in a range of widths, which is part of the reason they are so popular even on larger, upmarket properties. They are available in an increasing range of colours and tones, which has made them even more appealing, although the most popular colour is still white.

The fact that they have a high gloss finish that is also durable is another reason they appeal to so many people. Most people like their front door to have a high gloss finish. These doors are made from or veneered with a durable plastic, whose long name is Polyvinyl chloride. This means that keeping them clean is easy,  they only have to be hosed down or wiped over occasionally with a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

PVCu doors offer the option of additional security

However, it is the added layers of security many PVCu doors come with that are interesting for many homeowners. One of the biggest fears people have is being burgled, so they do everything they can to keep the burglars out, including fitting theft resistant doors.

Safe N Secure sells a range of high security PVCu doors. They have seen demand for these doors rise over the past few years. The doors they sell include options such as adjustable security hinges with anti jemmy pins. The locking mechanisms they fit to their doors is approved by The Association of British Insurers. These locks include claw locks as well as shot bolts. The door itself is made from steel; it is light yet very strong. There is no risk of a burglar being able to quietly kick the bottom panel out and enter the home in that way.


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