Why a Glass Splashback From Splashbacks Direct is Such a Bargain

England 14/07/2012- Increasingly people are buying a Glass splashback from Splashbacks Direct to save money

The vast majority of people who buy a glass splashback from Splashbacks Direct do so because of aesthetics. They love the way splash backs look, so are plumping for those rather than traditional tile finishes for their kitchen walls. Because splashbacks have no grout and offer an extremely high-gloss mirrored finish, they have a somewhat more contemporary look. This is far more suited to modern homes. In addition, consumers like the practicality of splashbacks rather than tiles.

They are far easier to keep looking good than tiles, which whilst they are easy to wipe down tend to age quickly because the grout discolours. Plus, of course, they are far easier to install than tiles.

Increasingly, in the UK, people are once again choosing to do their own home decor. For most people tiling a kitchen is beyond them. However, installing a splashback is much easier and is something that they can actually manage to do themselves. This enables people to save a considerable amount of money. In addition, the cost of even high-quality splashbacks is comparable with that of tiles; in many cases, they are far cheaper. In other words, consumers like them because they get a much better look and feel to the kitchen without having to pay extra for it. Add to that the fact that they are extremely easy to keep clean and are long lasting and you can see why UK consumers are switching from tiling their kitchens to installing splashbacks instead.

The selection of Glass splashback from Splashbacks Direct is huge

Because Splashbacks Direct is a specialist firm that only sells splash backs the selection they offer is huge. Consumers like the fact that they can come to them and buy a splashback to blend in with any style or type of kitchen. In addition, Splashbacks Direct specifically designed their splash backs to be installed by the homeowner rather than by professionals. Because of listening to their customers and anticipating their needs they have seen significant increases in their business recently.


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