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In the forthcoming month, Rail Europe will have the pleasure to offer the Italo trains to its customers worldwide. Operated by the NTV company (Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori), Italo are high speed trains which serves major cities in Italy. The trains are well noted for their beauty and modernity. Indeed their design, comfort and on board services awaken the pleasure of train travel. Some of the treats which await you on board the red trains are Wi-Fi Internet everywhere on board, small cozy business class lounges and refined cuisine.

Italo is the first private high speed train in Italy. The Italo train is a very economical one. Compared to a classic high speed train, it consumes 30% less energy. Last but not least, the high speed Italo train is designed to offer the maximum safety to its passengers.

The Italo network consists of the major destinations in Italy. Italo high speed trains serve the following main cities in Italy: Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Padova, Salerno, and from October 2012 onwards; Turin, Venice and Naples. Italo trains stop in Roma Tiburtina and Roma Ostiense which are close to Linate airport, as well as Milano Porta Garibaldi and Milano Rogoredo, which are close to Roma Fiumicino Airport. Please note that Italo does not stop at Roma Termini and Milano Centrale.

Italo trains operate on railway routes which are also served by other trains. However Italo trains can offer more comfort on board. Some of the most popular journeys on board NTV’s Italo are Naples– Roma (1h08), Rome – Florence (1h27), Milan – Florence (1h56), Rome – Bologna (2h12), Florence – Naples (2h42), Rome – Milan (3h10), Milan – Naples (4h46).

Rail Europe reminds its customers who have purchased a pass which includes Italy, that they will not be offered a Passholder fare, as Passholder fares are not available for Italo trains.

However, children under 3 can travel for free provided they do not require an additional seat. Passengers who have a Italo ticket from/to Florence, can benefit from free travel on the Ataf network (buses, tramvia 1) 24 hours before or after their travel date.


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