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There are few more things more stressful in life than moving house, particularly if you have lived within the same family home for decades and you need to condense all of your belongings and the possessions of your children into boxes and vans, but using a reliable and professional removal firm could make the process more manageable.

Here at Cranburys we specialise in removals Southampton as well as removals to the continent or global locations. We’ve been moving people all over the UK – and all over the world – for more than five decades, and this means we provide a smooth service based on experience and the specific needs of our clients.

Putting all your worldly possessions in the hands of other people is certainly stressful, but whether you are moving just a few boxes into a small flat, or transporting your entire family life – including expensive furniture – to the continent, our removals team can help.

We have always prided ourselves on being a cutting edge removals Southampton firm, and this means we are always adding to our service range to ensure our packages are fit for all purposes. Soon, our removals Southampton customers will be able to use our convenient, affordably priced and totally secure self storage facilities, which are ideal for those in between properties.

If you are interested in using our removals Southampton services, or you are planning a move to another country for sometime in the future, our knowledgeable team can visit you at your current home and provide a bespoke quote for the safe and efficient removal of our belongings to your new house, wherever it may be.

When using our removals packages our customers are getting the benefit of half a century of experience, as well as a highly skilled team with the ability to safely transport anything to any location.

If your home is filled with costly pieces of furniture, or precious items like pianos or valuable artwork, then you can be reassured that our removals Southampton team will be able to safely move all of our belongings without any damage – we really have dealt with it all during our thousands of moves, and no item is too large, too expensive or too awkward for our team.



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