Residential Tutoring Now Available from Fleet Tutors

Hampshire, United Kingdom (12th June, 2012) – Fleet Tutors, a leading provider of private tuition to students across the UK, now offers residential tutoring for students during the school holidays.

After taking heed of recent findings which show that some schoolchildren may experience ‘summer learning loss’ whilst they are not in school over the summer holiday period, Fleet Tutors has launched a new Residential Tutoring service which will allow students to maintain the frame of mind they use during school time and therefore hit the ground running when the new academic year begins.

Fleet Tutors’ residential tutors are available to live-in with their students’ families for periods of one or more weeks; they will provide academic tuition along with organised recreational, sporting and cultural activities, enabling students to stay on top of – and enhance – their studies throughout holiday periods.

A spokesperson for Fleet Tutors commented: “According to academic research, children may forget a significant proportion of what they learn in school during the summer holiday period. With GCSEs and A-Levels forming an essential part of children’s educational careers, losing certain information is therefore something that should be avoided at all costs”.

“Our residential tutors can provide students with the lifeline they need to stay in ‘school mode’ towards the end of their summer holidays. All our tutors are qualified to teach through to A-Level, too, and so can cater to varying subjects depending on students’ specific requirements.”

For more information on Fleet Tutors and their residential tutors, visit their website at or call them on 0845 644 5452.

About Fleet Tutors:

Fleet Tutors has thirty-five years’ experience helping students of all ages unlock their full potential and achieve their goals. As Britain’s leading provider of private tutors, Fleet Tutors has a team of highly-qualified staff with vast experience teaching all ages. They aim to help people of all ability levels, age ranges and backgrounds to gain the results they need and realise the future they want.


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