Ruby Earrings

In Indian Astrology, the ruby is viewed as the Lord of the Sun, Monarch of the solar system and soul of all planets – the entire solar system together in a single, strong outer shell.  Now there’s a thought to be getting on with next time you are put on the ruby earrings that your husband bought for your 40th Wedding Anniversary.

Ruby is the stone of love and what a lucky woman you are if your husband or partner knew that when he chose your ruby earrings.  Rubies aren’t just for marking a 40th wedding anniversary or given as a gift for someone dear who has a birthday in July, the month for which ruby is the gemstone.

Aside from the fact that a flash from your ruby earrings will show off your impeccable taste and sense of style, another thought when you reach for your ruby earrings, is that rubies are said to possess special healing and strengthening powers.  Well, a stone that can mean love, heat, fire and passion can’t fail to make you feel anything other than strong and good about yourself!

Some say that rubies bring devotion, happiness and integrity to the wearer and others even go as far as to say rubies can inspire giving and fatten purses…….perhaps that is stretching things a bit but one thing is for certain.  If you are lucky enough to own a pair of ruby earrings, the feeling you get when you see the glow that rubies give to your skin and the glint on your ear is well worth it.

Being only second to diamonds in the tough stone stakes, rubies are durable stones and even better, they are affordable so even buying ruby earrings for yourself doesn’t have to be an indulgence.   You can shop online or in store.  One such jeweller offering a superb selection of ruby earrings is Glenray Jewellers.  This family business is on its third generation and gemstones are their passion.

Imagine being able to buy a pair of ruby earrings for as little as £37.50 – a bargain for a pair of simple studs set in 9 carat gold.  Or what about some ruby and diamond earrings for just £72!  That is a snip for earrings displaying 3 lovely rubies set around a diamond in a triangular setting.  If it is a gift of love, then why not splash out on a pair of heart shaped ruby earrings, available online from Glenray Jewellers for a mere £68.  Of course, if it is a big occasion like a 40th wedding anniversary then the gesture of jewellery giving has to be special – the perfect gift might be drop ruby and diamond earrings set in 18 carat gold.  At just short of £1000, you can be sure it is a gift to set any woman’s sparkle on fire!

If you are lucky enough to own ruby earrings or any other earrings set with gemstones, you do have to respect the quality and take care of your jewellery.  For general cleaning, you should use a commercial solvent – your jeweller will recommend a good one.  For deeper cleaning, believe it or not, you should soak your ruby earrings overnight in alcohol or vodka!  Once cleaned, dry them gently with a towel.  Each time you wear your ruby earrings wipe them at the end of the evening with a soft cloth to ensure removing any oils they may have picked up and then store then in either a cloth bag or a plastic bag.

Taking the right care of your jewellery will ensure that it will sparkle and delight you forever and give you some valuable keepsakes to hand down through family generations.



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