Sales of Cheap Beds Continue to Rise

England 10/09/2012No surprisingly given the recession sales of cheap beds are growing steadily in the UK

When most people think of cheap beds they instantly think of a bed that will be uncomfortable. They certainly do not think of them as good quality. However, the current economic climate is causing people across their UK to think carefully before they buy anything. In many cases when it is time to replace their bed they are looking at cheaper ones as well as the kind they would have automatically bought just a few years ago. A lot of them have been pleasantly surprised to find that they can buy a good quality bed without having to pay the earth for it.

They are finding many of these beds, not in traditional High Street shops, but on the web. Increasingly, consumers are turning to the web to research what is available before they buy. This is especially the case for larger and more expensive items like furniture such as beds and sofas. In the process of working out what the price of the bed they want should be they are coming across firms who only sell beds via the web. The huge difference in price from that they find on the High Street retailers websites comes as a very pleasant surprise to many people.

Cheap beds do not always mean poor quality beds

Bed Street is one of the firms that is feeding a growing market. They are able to offer cheap beds because of the way they source their beds. They buy up good quality end of line beds and sell them to consumers at around 50% less than they would normally pay. There is nothing wrong with the beds; it is just that manufacturers want to sell them to make way for their new lines.

Unlike many other online bed firms Bed Street also make their own beds. The scale of their operation allows them to buy materials in bulk and make good quality beds. Cost savings they pass onto their customers. They are so confident they offer the best value for money that every item they sell has a full price promise.


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