Hampshire, United Kingdom (11 May, 2011) – S:CRAFT, leading provider of custom-made window shutters and window blinds, have announced the launch of their new invisible, hidden tilt rod range from Silent Tilt, which is available in craftwood, coralwood and larchwood finishes.

S:CRAFT are a leading manufacturer of wooden shutters which incorporate exceptional design blended with premium functionality. S:CRAFT understand the importance of high quality home fixtures which can beautifully complement an overall interior, which is why they are incredibly passionate about delivering the most stunning and stylish shutters on the market.

In 2010, S:CRAFT launched the Silent Tilt rod to their network of retail stores, available in Cedarwood and Bass ranges. Due to this collection’s great success, S:CRAFT recently announced the introduction of the Silent Tilt rod which is now available in craftwood, coralwood and larchwood finishes. The Silent Tilt rod is incorporated into the shutter style and will remain completely hidden from sight – unlike the metal tilting rod.

Peter Stark, Marketing Manager of S:CRAFT, commented: “We understand the importance of style combined with functionality within the home, which is why we are dedicated to manufacturing the best wooden shutters that are not only attractive and complementary, but do their job superbly too. We are delighted to announce the launch of our new range of craftwood, coralwood and larchwood Silent Tilt rods. Our Bass and Cedarwood proved to be a huge success in 2010, so we are pleased to provide our customers with our new invisible, hidden tilting rods to offer a wider range of choice.”

For more information of S:CRAFT and their new Silent Tilt rod ranges, please visit www.s-craft.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1962 794530.

About S:CRAFT:

S:CRAFT specialize in producing shutters using a combination of cutting-edge manufacturing and hand-crafted finishing touches, for a unique blend of modern machinery and traditional methods. All of their products are made-to-measure, and are constructed before they are distributed to stockists, ensuring that thorough checks can be performed on-site by experts. With a vast range of shutters and blinds to choose from, customers will find something perfectly matched to their individual taste.

Peter Stark
Newdown Farm
SO21 3BT
Tel: +44 (0) 1962 794530
Email: sales@s-craft.co.uk