Basingstoke, United Kingdom (11 May, 2011) – Chic Teak, a leading supplier of outdoor garden furniture, has revealed that 2011 has been an exceptionally busy year for the company so far, with sales in the winter and spring months considerably rising in comparison with previous years.

The company believes that the pleasant weather around the UK so far this year has played a significant part in this success, and has encouraged people to spend more time outdoors – namely, in their gardens – and use this space to the best advantage, when compared to the sales slump of 2010 in the first few months due to the sub-zero temperatures and snow across the UK.

Chic Teak also reveals that, as is the case for most businesses, the two long holiday weekends so close together in April and May 2011 has played havoc with the logistical side of the business. However, Chic Teak has been kept busy supplying furniture to customers all over the UK who were in celebratory mood and enjoying the time off work.

“As many suppliers of teak seem to have switched to other types of garden furniture or ceased trading all together, we are benefitting from less choice for the customer looking for good quality and design,” commented Sarah Bowden of Chic Teak.

“In conjunction with the better weather, bank holiday weekends and dwindling amount of specialised teak retailers, our continued investment in the Chic Teak website is also paying off. The number of visitors to the site is rising and feedback is very positive. This is encouraging as our new website is due to be launched in August and we feel it has even more to offer our customers, as does our company as a whole.”

For more information on Chic Teak and their range of teak garden furniture, visit their website at or telephone 0845 390 5000.

About Chic Teak:

Successfully trading in ethically sourced, sustainable teak from Government controlled plantations for over 14 years, Chic Teak creates high quality wooden garden furniture and teak garden furniture sets. They pride themselves on their quality, personal service alongside highly competitive pricing and fast delivery.

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