Security Companies in the UK See Their Businesses Boom

England – 13/02/2012By innovating and working together the UK’s security companies are thriving

Security companies in the UK are thriving. For them business has never been so good. More and more people, both homeowners and business owners, are thinking about how best to protect their property. The summer riots, coupled with the current economic climate has led many people to the realisation that their property is not adequately protected. This has resulted in a wave of new work for all kinds of security firms within the UK.

Growth has come not only from new customers, but also from customers who are upgrading their existing systems. Many are adding motion sensors and CCTV to their existing alarm systems. This is enabling them to avail themselves of alarm monitoring using the services of a central call-monitoring centre. If the alarm system sounds, the call centre is able to tell whether it is a genuine burglary and call the police. Alternatively, call a key holder if it is a false alarm. They can see the property via the CCTV.

For the police, the fact that more people are installing this style of alarm system is good news. It means that they waste far less time being called out unnecessarily and get to the scene of real burglaries much faster. This gives them a far better chance of catching the thieves in the act.

Small security companies are thriving too

Even small security companies are getting a considerable slice of the action. By working with other well-established and larger firms within the industry, they too are able to supply monitored alarm systems.

Aim Monitoring is a well-established security company that offers alarm system monitoring. They not only signup customers direct to their service they also sub contract out to smaller security firms. This enables small firms to fit their own alarm systems and incorporate the necessary monitoring components to enable the Aim Monitoring call centre to monitor the alarm systems that the smaller firms have installed. This synergy provides opportunities for both parties and a far better service for the homeowners and business owners.


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