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Cheshire, United Kingdom (23 September 2010) – has launched a dynamic and varied range of free SEO tools on its website. The tools can be used by anybody who visits their website, and also offer a free SEO analysis for interested parties who would like more information about the current SEO health of their site and how to improve their rates of organic traffic and conversions. The free SEO tool available from offer users an in-depth review of their website’s performance in relation to search engine optimization and suggest areas that can be worked on to improve rankings.

A key feature of’s free SEO tool is that it can be embedded into other websites. HTML code is available on each tool’s page for webmasters to embed onto their own sites, and are encouraging visitors who use their tool to embed them on their own websites to help spread their message of ethical, white-hat SEO.

The free SEO tool currently available are:

  • Alexa Rank Checker’s free Alexa rank checker can show the current position of a site in Alexa’s ranking system and the amount of authority it currently possesses

  • Cloaking Checker

Some webmasters employ a tactic called ‘cloaking’ on their websites to try and trick search engines in a bid to improve their rankings and authority. This tool can expose such sites and show whether it really is relevant to certain terms

  • Domain Age Checker

Domain age can be an important factor in an SEO campaign. This free SEO tool can verify the exact age of a domain which can be of great help when planning an SEO strategy

  • H Tag and Alt Tag Checker

This checker can show any website’s H tags and ALT tags. Users can then determine the strength of either before deciding whether they need amendments or not

  • Header Checker

Especially useful for websites with a large number of pages. This tool can check the header titles of each page entered and presents the page’s code, showing its status within seconds

  • Internal Link Checker

Provides a complete list of both internal and external links present on a website. Very useful for identifying broken links and giving an overview of how healthy a site’s link profile is

  • IP Lookup Tool

Can provide information about any IP, such as its location on the planet and other useful statistics

  • Keyword Density Checker

Provides information about the density of keywords on a webpage. Too many keywords can look spammy, while not having enough keywords will be ineffective for rankings

  • Meta Tag Analyser

Analyses a page’s Meta tags and determines length. If a site’s Metas are too long a search engine may have difficulty indexing it, for instance

  • Meta Tag Generator

By entering keywords into the Meta Tag Generator, it will create effective Metas – including titles, keywords, and descriptions – that can be incorporated into the website

  • Online SEO Analysis

Gives a series of tests to give an accurate overview of website information. Determines matters such as current keyword density, how optimized Metas are, backlink evaluation, and more

  • Site Validation Checker

When a URL is entered the Site Validation Checker will effectively ‘spell check’ the structure of the code, pinpointing any errors that may be present

  • What Google Sees Tool

Provides an overview of what the world’s most popular search engine sees when its spiders and bots come to crawl a site

  • Whois Lookup Tool

Shows whether a domain is in use or not. If it is then outline details of who has purchased it and their contact details should somebody wish to enter negotiations.

“We’re delighted to be able to release such a large and varied range of free SEO tools for our visitors to use. Each one is fully in line with our ethical, white-hat approach to SEO, and is a great way to interact with our community and user base. We hope that people take advantage of the ability to put them on their own websites too, to help spread our message of ethical SEO,” comments a spokesperson for “Our free SEO tools underline our belief and core philosophy that SEO should be inclusive and available to everyone. SEO, when practiced properly, is a great way to improve your visibility to people on the major search engines to increase your traffic. We hope people take note of our ethical approach and use our tools to improve their presence on the internet. We can also offer a free, no-obligation SEO analysis to show what areas of your website are currently working well and which parts could be improved.”

To find out more about, use their free SEO tools or request a free SEO analysis telephone them at 08459 736 736 or visit


Founded in 1999 has seen the growth of SEO from its earliest stages to what is now an enormous, diverse industry. As well as offering bespoke SEO packages and transparent, friendly SEO services for clients they are also building a worldwide community for anybody with an interest in online marketing to participate in. has a phenomenal success rate when handling client campaigns, and is able to offer a free, no-obligation SEO analysis for parties looking to adopt an SEO campaign to bolster their online presence.

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