SEO Consult® to Review Impact of Google’s Decision to hide Keyword Data on their Services

Cheshire, United Kingdom (08th March 2012), SEO Consult®, a premier search engine optimisation agency based in the UK, are set to review how Google’s decision to hide keyword data for logged in users will impact their services.

Google recently announced that they will be automatically redirecting all users logged into a Google account, to the secured SSL version of their search platform.  Google have stated that this will offer their users a more secure and private browsing experience, however, it also encrypts important analytical data that is used by website owners.  The keywords that logged in users type into Google to find sites will no longer be included in analytics reports, and will instead be replaced with the term “(not provided)”.  The result is that site owners may struggle to understand how their site is performing for certain keywords and which keywords are bringing traffic to their site.  SEO Consult® are currently exploring a range of different methods to ensure that their range of SEO services are not impacted by Google’s latest change.

SEO Consult®’s internal Research & Development analyst said, “Although Google’s latest changes results in a loss of data, we will be focusing on the other information that we do receive via Google Analytics and our own technologies to ensure all our clients websites are performing at an optimal level.  While this security change is undoubtedly an inconvenience for all webmasters, there is no doubt that we have the capabilities and ingenuity to ensure its impact on the quality of our services is minimal.”

“Because of the huge search engine market share that Google have, it is obviously the platform that is targeted by the majority of our clients during their campaign.  This means that whenever Google make a change to their privacy policies or Webmaster Guidelines, we must do everything we can to keep our services in line with those changes without losing any quality.  For this reason, the importance of our internal Research & Development team cannot be underestimated, as we are already prepared for the loss of this keyword data.” said Matt Bullas, Managing Director of SEO Consult®.  “Our range of internally developed TRAX technologies and our innovative approach to search engine optimisation ensure that we can continue to deliver an unparalleled quality of service for all our clients.”

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