If you want to upgrade concrete driveways then contact Cheshire Bonded Stone today.  We can offer you a number of practical and cost effective driveway re-surfacing options.  Our great range of resin bonded stone and tarmac finishes can provide you with the perfect driveway for your home.

Driveways Upgrades

Concrete driveways are long lasting but over time they can start to look very worn and untidy.  You do not have to spend a fortune though to upgrade old concrete driveways.  At Cheshire Bonded Stone we can offer you a variety of cost effective re-surfacing methods to improve your driveway spaces and enhance your home.

Our skilled and experienced teams can provide practical driveway solutions using modern materials and techniques. This will ensure you get a driveway that not only looks great but will last for a long time.

Resin Bonded Stone

Resin bonded stone offers a fast and easy way to upgrade concrete driveways.  We use only the best quality resin with a range of bonded stone finishes.  You can choose the perfect look for your driveway from a choice of colours and textures.  Resin bonded stone has a non-skid surface ideal for heavy traffic areas (both pedestrian and vehicles).

Resin bonded stone is a good option for re-surfacing existing concrete driveways.  The resin bonded surface can be laid over the top of the existing driveway.  This cuts costs and labour and will speed up the whole installation process.

Tarmac Surfaces

Tarmac is a practical material for driveways and can be installed straight over old concrete driveways to create a great new look.  Tarmac is easy to install and this means it can offer a fast and attractive finish to your old driveways.

Tarmac is long lasting and durable and requires very little maintenance.  It provides a wonderfully smooth and non-slip surface for driveways which makes parking and turning as easy as possible.

Free Quotation

Contact Cheshire Bonded Stone today for your free quote.  We can help to advise you on the best ways to upgrade concrete driveways and find the right finish for your home.  We cover areas throughout Cheshire and South Manchester and can provide a fast and guaranteed re-surfacing job for your old concrete driveways.

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Cheshire Bonded Stone can offer you a number of practical ways to upgrade old concrete driveways.  You can choose from a great selection of attractive and durable finishes including resin bonded stone and tarmac.


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