Roof to Balcony Transformations

The introduction of balustrade kits to the UK is helping thousands add a balcony to their home.

In the UK, outdoor living is becoming increasingly popular. More and more people are using their garden as an outdoor room, as somewhere to sit in the evenings with a drink or enjoy lunch or tea. They are doing everything outdoors, watching TV, playing games on their iPad, or reading. The introduction of good quality, yet inexpensive conservatories, hot tubs, and space heaters have all helped people to get more out of their outdoor space. In addition, the realization that many garden buildings do not need planning permission has played a significant role into transforming how people view and use their gardens. Now the introduction of balustrade kits is helping even more people to get more out of their outdoor space.

Homeowners are using these kits to transform a flat rooftop into a balcony. These balconies are providing people with the perfect spot for breakfast. They give them a chance to get some morning sun and take in the view, or maybe a place to sit with a glass of wine on a warm evening. Many are using them even in the winter, sitting out there wrapped in a throw and reading a book. People love being outside.

These balconies mean that even people with a small garden can have enough space to sit out. In the UK, there are literally thousands of houses with flat-roof extensions. Even flat owners are fitting Juliet Balconies, which allow them to safely have French doors installed and enjoy an unobstructed view of the surrounding countryside.

Toughened glass makes construction easy and viable
Building these balconies is not complicated, so they can normally be out together in less than a day. The balustrade kit provides the supports for panels of toughened glass, which means that the balcony does not out of place on the side of any kind of home. Elite Balustrade which sells these kits have seen interest in their kits take off very quickly. Many people are attracted to the fact that once up the balcony is virtually maintenance-free. There is no need to rub the balcony down and paint it every year as there is with traditional wrought iron balcony balustrades and panels.

Rebecca Wheeler

Rebecca Wheeler

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  1. Siding installation can transform your home from roof to balcony. It comes in various design options to improve the aesthetic appeal of the home. Thank you for posting this useful information.

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