St George’s Medical School Introduces Mini Multi Interviews for 2011 Student Intake

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London, United Kingdom (26 November 2010) – As one of the country’s leading providers of medical interviews and interview skills consultancy services, ISC Medical offers courses covering all areas of medical school applications. This includes teaching clients how to perform successfully in a Mini Multi Interview (MMI), which is a new form of screening to be introduced to the selection process at London’s St George’s Medical School in 2011 and may be introduced in other medicals schools from 2012 onwards.

The MMI system was created as a replacement for the traditional style of interview, with its developers believing it to be a more accurate predictor of academic performance and professional behavior. MMI is also viewed as a fairer process due to its variation affording candidates the opportunity to demonstrate a broader range of skills than can be accommodated in a standard interview setting.

In addition to candidate benefits, it was found during MMI’s pilot run at St George’s Medical School that it also speeds up the selection process, allowing schools to interview numerous candidates simultaneously.

ISC Medical are able to guide clients taking their medical school interview course through the MMI procedure, equipping them with the tools required to complete the eight five-minute tasks that it comprises. The MMI format looks to test candidates’ skills in each of the following areas: academic ability and intellect, empathy, initiative and resilience, communication skills and problem-solving, teamwork, insight and integrity, and effective learning style.

“St George’s decision to introduce MMI into their selection process is fantastic news for fairness at medical interviews,” commented ISC Managing Director, Olivier Picard. “We cover MMI thoroughly as part of our comprehensive medical school interview courses, and are delighted that our expertise in that particular area will give any of our clients who are applying to St George’s Medical School the very best chance of succeeding.”

For more information about ISC Medical Interview Skills Consulting and mini multi interviews, visit their website at or call 0845 226 9487 between 8:30 am and 8:30 pm.

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