Australia 20/12/2012- Swim spas are a way of combining a spa with a swimming pool

Swim spas are growing in popularity throughout the world, especially in hot countries like Australia and Southern Europe. These are countries were many homes have swimming pools, so the idea of having a pool that doubles up as a spa particularly appeals.

The fact that these spas are compact means that even people with limited yard space can still enjoy a swimming pool. There are various models and configurations available. One of the most popular type is designed so that at one end there is a massage or spa tub area. The other end is set up for swimming, which in smaller spa pools is provided by powerful water jets. This allows swimmers to swim against the strong jets of water meaning that the pool does not have to be particularly long to allow people to get exercise through swimming in a limited space. The other advantage of this configuration is that it allows two water temperatures to be maintained. In the winter, the pool spa can still be enjoyed, with the spa area being turned into a hot tub.

Some of these spas can also be turned into water features when not be used for exercise or relaxation. Some come with waterfalls built in and beautiful backlit water features.

Swim spas helping people with medical conditions

Most people buy spa tubs to help them to deal with daily stress and aches and pains. They all feature a range of massage and hydrotherapy settings. Over the past few years, the technology behind spa massage systems has evolved and developed. Today, you can buy spas that are capable of giving a range of massages.

Adelaide Pools and Spas are increasingly selling swim spas to people who are looking for tubs to help them to cope with the symptoms of arthritis and similar diseases. As the average age of the world’s population increases sales of spa pools will continue to grow. Add to this the fact that more of the younger generation want to stay fit and you have two growing markets for swim spas.


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