Birmingham, United Kingdom (09 June, 2011) – Green Room Retail, leading expert providers of retail solutions including retail design, point-of-purchase, shop-in-shop and flagship store design, reveals that Chief Executive and Founder of Green Room, Richard Ash, recently offered media group Emap his opinion on two retail stores’ designs.

Emap, a business-to-business multiplatform media group, are compiling a feature on two stores – Apple and Urban Outfitters – and were keen to gain insight into the success of the retail design in place at these stores from Richard Ash. The Green Room Founder was asked to offer his opinions on how he would describe the store’s designs, how well they targeted their audience, and how they helped to define the brand in question.

Richard surmised that Apple’s retail design made ‘exceptional use of open space,’ with ‘logical layouts, clean lines, neutral material palates, well-designed fixtures that present the products perfectly, and bold, unfussy display graphics that focus on one aspect of the product and promote it well.’ He points out that Urban Oufitters’ display was just as effective, but in a contrasting fashion, commenting that: ‘Urban Outfitters triumphs using illogical design layouts to create a sense of intrigue,’ and ‘each store makes best use of its own site-specific architectural quirks.’

“It was a delight to have been given the opportunity to explain how and why I thought the retail designs at these stores were working in favour for their respective companies,” commented Richard Ash, founder and CEO of Green Room Retail. “Both stores show that they understand their consumer base, can communicate with them, and know how to satisfy them with their retail displays and layouts, which will go a long way to helping them become identifiable and secure repeat business.”

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Opening its doors back in 2001, Green Room Retail (GRR) was born out of MD Richard Ash’s love of retail. Having spent 15 years working with some of the most successful brands in the world, Richard’s vision was simple – to offer clients exceptional creativity and service at a fair price. The company continues to go from strength to strength, with leading brands from around the world trusting Green Room Retail to deliver them unexpected retail solutions. GRR recently extended their Birmingham offices and also, a short while ago, collaborated on BBC 2’s leading retail design programme ‘Mary Queen of Shops’ with Mary Portas.


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