Technical Foam Services Launches New Hydrophilic Foam

Northamptonshire, United Kingdom, (28th December, 2011) – Technical Foam Services, a leading independent engineering-based manufacturer and foam producer, announces the launch of a new hydrophilic foam which will be of huge benefit to a wide range of applications.

The new foam is an MDI-based polyurethane foam with a water retention capacity of 95%, which makes it ideal for new or existing applications where the foam needs to stay damp for varying periods of time. As the foam is so soft, it can be used in applications where it needs to make contact with skin, such as make-up pads in the cosmetic industry and various diverse products in the medical and agricultural sectors.

Technical Foam Services is currently offering the new hydrophilic foam in white, and can create a vast selection of finished products incorporating it using their specialist converting machinery. Their processes take place within a clean, contained manufacturing environment, following strict established quality control procedures which meet ISO9001 standards.

“At Technical Foam Services, we are always looking for the next innovation, and we are proud to say this new hydrophilic foam will make a significant difference in many working environments across various sectors,” commented Duncan Geddes, Joint Managing Director of Technical Foam Services. “With its remarkably-high water retention, this new foam will remain damp for longer than any other, which serves as a significant improvement over many foams currently in use. Samples are available from the 1st of December 2011, so any interested parties can get their hands on this innovative foam to see for themselves just how special it is.”

For more information about Technical Foam Services and their range of foams, visit their website at or contact Joint Managing Director Duncan Geddes on 01536 443000 or

About Technical Foam Services:

Founded in 1990, Technical Foam Services is widely recognised as Europe’s leading, most innovative and consumer led industrial foam converting business. They operate from Northamptonshire in the heart of England, ensuring easy access to customers and clients when trading their high-quality foam and rubber products. Technical Foam Services can offer foam cut to size products such as furniture foams, ink jet foams, sports and leisure forms and more.


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