There are many advantages to living in a small town, once you find property to purchase there. Living in a small town obviously means that there are fewer people so you get to enjoy plenty of peace and quiet that you wouldn’t have otherwise enjoyed in a larger town or city. You are likely to not be near any major roads that would cause noticeable noise pollution from passing vehicles, meaning that the most noise that you are ever likely to hear on an average day is your neighbour’s lawnmower!

As the relative lack of people in a smaller town also tends to mean fewer large businesses, the general pace of life tends to be rather slower than in a bustling metropolis. Fewer people in a small town are likely to be employed in the high-pressure jobs associated with a bigger town or city and this means that people generally have more time for each other, resulting in a community where people get to know one another well and help each other out. This, in turn, develops community spirit which is a good safeguard against the kind of crime that often blights larger towns and cities. This way of life is likely to be fostered further by a wide variety of local events, such as the weekly market.

Living in a small town does not necessarily mean that you miss out on any of the employment benefits that are traditionally associated with big cities, either, as many small towns are within commuting distance of a large conurbation, allowing you to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of a small town once you return home from work. There is also an increasing tendency in the 21st century for people to work from home for some or all of their work time; this has been encouraged by the emergence of the internet. Don’t forget, too, that many small towns also tend to have a lower cost of living than bigger cities where there is often greater competition for properties.

The literal size of a small town also brings many advantages as far as convenience is concerned. It is perfectly possible for all the amenities you require, such as the local newsagent, post office, chemist and favourite pub, bar or restaurant to be within easy walking distance of where you live. This saves money and makes for great opportunities for cycling and long walks in the nearby countryside or along the coast.

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