The Wooden Floor Trend Continues

England 12/06/2013 – Until about a decade ago, wooden floors, in the UK, were a rarity.

Today, they are becoming the norm. Most UK homes have at least one wooden floor. The majority of conservatories have wood floors, and they are also very popular for dining rooms.

It seems that the majority of people who have laid one floor made of wood in their home have had a positive experience. Many have enjoyed the warmth of wooden floors, and the fact that they are so easy to maintain and keep clean.

Having seen how practical wooden floors are, after using them in one room, many people are choosing to install them in more of their rooms. They are mostly doing so for rooms on the lower floor, going for a high-end wooden floor for their living room, to which many people then add a rug. Some people just use the rugs in the autumn and winter and go with bare wooden floors in the spring and summer. They enjoy being able to change the look and feel of their living room with the seasons.

The fact that wood is so versatile is really helping the sales of wooden floors. At one time, there was not a huge amount of choice, but as wooden floor coverings became more popular, more firms stocked them. Today, thousands buy cheap wooden flooring in London from They do so because a wooden floor looks good as well as offers great value for money. The choice on offer from specialist companies like this is huge.

New production techniques are also feeding the demand
The fact that there are so many choices is one of the reasons people are able to use wooden floors throughout their homes. This choice would not have been possible without new production techniques that mean wood can be finished in so many ways. Large-scale production of wood veneer and replicated wood floors is now possible, which in turn has bought the cost of wooden floors down to a level that is affordable for everyone. This has enabled the team at Cheap Flooring Direct to increase their range steadily. Today, their customers can choose between nearly a hundred different affordable wooden flooring options.

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Rebecca Wheeler

Rebecca Wheeler

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  1. Nice blog to know so many things on Wooden flooring. Wooden floors all the way! We love installing Wooden floors for our customers, there’s just so many benefits to it and how it adds so much to the home. And plus its just so elegant. Great insights! Thank you for the information, it was really helpful. Feel free to contact us here if you want find more information on related this topic.

  2. Wooden floors offer you much more than you can believe. Wooden floors are always mentioned when it comes to flooring trends. They are not only elegant but also affordable, you just need to pick one that suits your style and type. The above article is detailed and explains everything that one wants to know before adding wood flooring in their home. Keep writing such great stuff!

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