Middlewich, UK (6th February, 2013) – Top Flight Stairlifts, a leading provider of stairlifts from today’s leading brands, has added two new models to their range.

Top Flight Stairlifts has added two new stairlifts to their vast catalogue of stock, both from MediTek, one of today’s leading manufacturers in the field. The E120 and the D160 stairlifts are developed for domestic application, with stylish designs to fit comfortably into any home; both can be folded away when not in use, ensuring the stairway is still accessible by others. Both models feature a swivel seat for added convenience and safety when alighting, as well as an emergency holding switch which stops the lift instantly when pressed, and pressure-sensitive edges halt the stairlift if an obstacle is detected.

The E120 also includes a key switch to prevent unauthorised use, whilst the D160 features footrest raisers to fold the lift without bending down; there is also an option to stand or perch to aid users who experience difficulties with their knees. MediTek has won multiple awards for their stairlifts, and is a member of the BHTA (British Healthcare Trades Association).

“MediTek is one of the foremost names in the stairlift world today, and their new products offer an incredible range of features at affordable prices,” said a spokesperson for Top Flight Stairlifts. “We are always determined to bring our customers the very best products from today’s leading brands, and these two new models will help improve mobility for many people across the UK. Whatever your requirements, the E120 and the D160 will become an outstanding addition to your home.”

For more information on Top Flight Stairlifts, visit http://www.topflightstairlifts.co.uk/ or call 01270 417388.

About Top Flight Stairlifts:
Top Flight Stairlifts was founded by Bryan James—a successful stairlift engineer—to provide customers with products which suit their specific needs. In order to bring their customers the best stairlifts for any requirements, Top Flight Stairlifts assess each home before installation.

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