Folding Sliding Doors Create a Great Focal Point in the Home

England 9/11/2012 – Folding sliding doors fell out of fashion, in the UK, but now it seems that they are back again

Folding sliding doors are a beautiful addition to any home. However, for some time they were not considered fashionable by many people, so did not sell particularly well for several years. Today, things have changed and they are once again becoming popular. The reasons for this are varied, but it seems that the recession may have played a part.

People are finding it increasingly difficult to move. They simply cannot afford to do so in the way they did in the past. This means that many people have no choice but to stay in their existing properties and make better use of the space they have.

Folding doors can really help homeowners to do just that. They make a great room divider, which means that using sliding doors can help homeowners to turn an existing room into two separate areas when they want to. Many homeowners are still using sliding doors to create separate dining areas in their homes. This use is quite a traditional one, but increasingly homeowners are using them in less traditional ways.

Using folding sliding doors to create an office

More and more people are working from home. Many UK firms are realizing that allowing their personnel to work from home can save them money. When a percentage of their staff work from home it means that they need far less office space. Staff like it too because they save money and time. A happier staff is usually a more productive and loyal staff, so there are many benefits for firms.

In addition, more and more people, in the UK, are registering as self-employed and running their own firms from home. Both groups need somewhere to work in the home, so need an office area.

Creative Doors have been selling folding sliding doors for several decades. They have seen demand for their doors rise recently. Increasingly their customers are telling them they are using them to help them to create a small office space in their homes. They want to be able to separate their office area off from their living area, during the evening, when they are not working and folding doors are perfect for this.


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Adams Lee

Adams Lee

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