As we all know search engine marketing falls into two categories, Good SEO and bad SEO. Each and everyone of us knows a horror story of a SEO campaign that’s gone wrong, cost too much, delivered no results or sometimes put companies out of business.

Totally aim to be the market leader providing a universally different solution to search engine marketing and SEO in general.

Why do customers choose us daily over others? Simple. We make it about YOU. We love our customers. And we often go the extra two miles for them. Most of our customers come on board with a small amount of budget to spend on their internet marketing, around £100 P/M for example. We aim to deliver results very quickly, around month two’s payment, the reason we deliver results so quickly is because the quicker we can deliver a ROI the quicker we can start working together on the larger keywords in the industry that are going to bring you more profitable traffic.

We have recently absorbed a digital advertising agency working with such names as adidas, mc Donald’s, Harvey Nicks and many many more. Using the totally ethos we can now deliver quality design on tiny prices with a very fast turn around.

Viral marketing is something that we have started to work with many of our customer on, as for the simple reason, it can be very cheap to develop and very successful if hitting the right market with the right tone of voice.

Having developed viral films for Doritos, they adopted the film to use in their TV advertising campaigns with great success.

It was nice to bring all this fluid creativity to the internet industry at internet world 2011 where Totally were well and truly welcomed by all customers, down to the fact that we told the truth, simple cost effective advice that makes money for the customer without the jargon.

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