Transparent and highly efficient electronic HR systems

electronic HR systems

England – 20/3/13 – The Buckinghamshire-based HR solutions service CIPHR offers various packages for businesses large and small

The workforce management company CIPHR offers a number of software packages designed to help companies to speed up various administrative tasks. Included in their packages are payroll solutions as well as personnel management software. The software on offer is fine-tuned to remove the margin for error whilst freeing up staff time, allowing personnel to attend to other tasks.

Payroll software can be used by companies to make calculations that would usually take a significant amount of time to orchestrate, such as national insurance and holiday pay figures. When the software is used, reports can be generated easily, allowing companies to make forecasts based on past trends and to make useful budget calculations. The HR software on offer through CIPHR is designed to make overseeing every aspect of a business easier.

Other programs on offer from the company include an absence management package as well as employee training software. No stone is left unturned when it comes to offering supportive mechanisms put together to make businesses run smoothly. Every element of human resources is catered for, whilst businesses are encouraged to contact the company in order to identify a package that suits their needs.

Maintain and add to a stronger talent pool.

Also on offer are eRecruitment systems. These are of great benefit to both recruiters and jobseekers alike. These systems are perfect for curating a talent pool and are intelligent enough to assess the potential of each jobseeker, making it easy to put together a shortlist of talented applicants with relevant skills even with minimal human input. The software can be used to place advertisements in relevant online areas, ensuring that the target audience can be reached when openings become available.

CIPHR’s eRecruitment packages are designed to smoothen out the process of locating talented applicants and filtering out inadequate applications. Their Human Resources Recruitment Software System is orchestrated for making recruitment processes more efficient, allowing businesses to place less reliance on recruitment agencies and to work directly with applicants if this is something that is desired. Companies hoping to make their HR and recruitment systems more transparent and easier to manage are urged to get in touch with CIPHR today.

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