England – 12/01/2012The streamlining process many UK firms are going through has increased demand for data cleansing

The global crisis has, drastically changed the way in which UK firms work. Many of them have seen the need to be more focused, and to work smarter. This new culture has created opportunities for many service industries including the data cleansing industry. Before firms began to look for ways to streamline their businesses, most of them did not even know what data cleansing was let alone know that they needed it.

Every business keeps information about their customers and suppliers. Even the local plumber keeps a record of previous customers and the work carried out for that customer. However, it is firms that sell products that have the most customer data, and who actively use that data to continue to grow their businesses. These are the firms that benefit the most from data cleansing, which is simply the process of ensuring that their customer data base is up to date and relevant.

How data cleansing helps sales

The most successful firms take what they know about their customers and use that to offer them other products that they may want to buy. If their customer database is not up to date, and clean, they can waste a lot of time and effort marketing the wrong products to the wrong customers. A simple example would be sending out e-mails or brochures to customers who no longer exist. Another common example is sending the same marketing material to several people at the same address, again without realising it. Simply checking the addresses of all customers can quickly save virtually any company time and money spent on ineffective marketing.

However, data cleansing is not the only data housekeeping that can help firms to grow their businesses. The data specialists Q Base are finding that many of their customers who have had their databases cleansed by them are now availing themselves of their other data services. They are having their data reviewed, and appended with other details designed to help their marketing efforts to become even more focused.


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