A Glass Splashback Offers Protection And Good Looks

Wolverhampton, UK May 15th 2012 – Designing the perfect kitchen means creating a room that is not only functional but inviting and great looking too. There are many elements to consider from the colour scheme for the walls to the number and layout of units to use in the new kitchen. One area that shouldn’t be overlooked is the cooker back panel. A glass splashback can provide protection for the wall of the kitchen while adding to the overall look of the room.

A glass splashback is an attractive and effective way of protecting the kitchen wall from various forms of damage including grease and dirt, heat and condensation. While there are many materials that can be used behind the cooker, glass is one of the most beneficial. By combining glass with steel, to create enamel splashbacks it is possible to enjoy even greater protection for the wall as well as a longer life and greater durability for the actual splashback itself.

Another beneficial feature of the enamel or glass splashback is the gamut of colours and designs that are available. Glass can be given a gloss or matt finish and it can be created in virtually any of a myriad of colours from white to black and pink to blue. It is even possible to have a speckled type effect added when the splashback is being made. Kitchen designers can really let their imagination go by creating a stunning looking kitchen.

SplashbacksDirect.co.uk sells vitreous enamel glass splashbacks. These are a combination of steel and glass, providing all of the benefits of both. The steel helps ensure strength and durability while the glass is easy to clean, looks attractive, and also offers a layer of protection of its own. It is possible to create a good looking and functional kitchen with the addition of the right splashback.


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