London, United Kingdom, June 15th 2011 Good vocal production requires more than plugging in a microphone and hitting record. Even with some of the more advanced software available for use in the home, singers are rarely able to reproduce the kind of sound quality that they would prefer to hear from a recording. Recording studios London can offer a professional vocal recording service to make sure their customers enjoy the best possible level of vocal recording.

As an experienced and professional recording studio in London, Gess Productions now offers an artist consultancy product as well as the new vocal production service. This enables artists to get in the studio and discuss their recordings with professional editors and producers providing insight as well as areas for change.

To celebrate the launch of two new products, vocal production and artist consultancy, Gess Productions is providing its clients with access to a range of special offers. The first hour of recording has been reduced to £15 and mastering reduced to £20 per track. Further reductions are also available with 50% off mixing and 25% off music production services for all Gess Productions clients.

Using a professional recording studio offers a number of benefits over trying to record at home. Artists can access state of the art recording and editing equipment ensuring that the quality of the finished track is very high. For those artists looking to break into the music scene or advance their music career this level of professionalism is essential. Mastering, mixing, and editing can also help produce a finely tuned and appealing product.

Gess Productions has a state of the art, modern recording studios London where singers, bands, and other artists can record their music and have it edited and mastered. Services are tailored specifically to the artist’s needs ensuring that everybody that walks through the day enjoys the best results.


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