Watt Works Announce NLP for Business Course in February 2011

Cheshire, United Kingdom (28 January, 2011) – Watt Works, a leading UK consulting, training and coaching company, announce intensive NLP for Business course in February 2011.

Watt Works are dedicated to providing original and insightful training courses which can help improve leadership skills, management abilities, personal development and business performance. They can provide courses in-house or on an open programme for organisations or individuals. All course participants will be taught by a qualified and professional consultant who has the ability and experience to help them reach their personal or professional goals.

Watt Works have recently announced that they will soon open their doors to NLP for Business attendees on the 14th February to 18th February. Their NLP for Business course allows attendees to improve aspects of their personality which could have a dramatic affect on both their personal and professional life. All course participants will learn how to interact effectively with others by building their confidence, helping them to deal with conflict and improve their negotiation and leadership skills. This course will also help participants to build relationships with colleagues or others outside of the workplace.

Damian Hamill of Watts Works commented: “Here at Watt Works we are incredibly proud of our NLP for business course, as we believe this cannot only transform their professional life, but their personal life as well. Our course participants will be provided with a range of successful methods and strategies that can improve their social skills and business performance. This thorough five day course is available at a fantastic price and includes all materials, lunch and refreshments.”

For more information on Watt Works and their NLP for Business course, visit their website at http://www.watt-works.com/ or telephone 01565-759893.

About Watt Works:

Watt Works are a UK based company specialising in a range of consulting, training and coaching services, such as business coaching, management consultancy and management development training. They can help participants improve aspects of their personality which can help them achieve personal and professional dreams. They can deliver courses to organisations or individuals, and are available on an open programme or in-house.


Damian Hamill, Director of Training

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Tel: 01565-759893


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