London, United Kingdom (October 29, 2010) – Wellicious, a leading provider of sophisticated yoga clothing and loungewear, are now showcasing their selection of yoga wear, mats and accessories to Finland, New Zealand, and Thailand.

Available from online shops, yoga and Pilates centres, boutiques, spas and their official company website, Wellicious yoga clothing has now become readily available to fans located in Auckland, Bangkok and Finland, as the brand continues to grow and become more popular across the globe.

This further extends Wellicious’ presence in the specialised yoga wear industry across Europe, the UK, the USA and Asia, and the brand hopes that this will continue to increase awareness of Wellicious and their unique brand of loungewear and yoga tops, trousers, shorts, cardigans and other accessories.

“I am thoroughly delighted that our creations are becoming so sought-after all around the world as a more stylish, flattering and yoga-friendly alternative to the traditional sweatpants and baggy vests many people use when practising yoga or Pilates,” commented Heike Schnell, Managing Director of Wellicious. “I think the reason behind our brand’s growing popularity is because the Wellicious brand was born as my own answer to fashionable lounge and yoga wear, so my team and I have the empathy required to produce truly ergonomic and style-conscious pieces that can be appreciated by Yogistas the world over. I hope that we can continue to build on this success and become an even more dominant yoga wear brand in the future.”

For more information about Wellicious and their selection of yoga clothes, visit their website at or telephone 0207 221 6996 during office hours.

About Wellicious:
An original London-based label, Wellicious are eco-friendly and specialise in providing customers with high-quality yoga clothing and loungewear. Founded by seasoned traveller Heike Schnell, she got tired of searching for comfortable and attractive yoga clothing and decided to create her own brand. Wellicious supply a sophisticated, stylish and cozy clothing collection made from high-quality fabrics and materials, as well as supplying wellbeing products such as organic teas, lavender eye masks and anti-ageing pillows.


Heike Schnell

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