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London, United Kingdom (July 05, 2010) – Wellicious, one of Europe’s leading providers of yoga clothes and yoga-related loungewear, have announced that their comfortable and stylish Spring and Summer collection of yoga clothes has now begun to attract the attention of international celebrities.

After sending Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow a Spring Care Package featuring Papaya, Caviar Black, Misty Jade, Diamond White, and Pebble and London Grey colored leggings, wrap and neck holder tops, and gathered shorts from the new yoga clothing collection, the actress responded to the Wellicious team with a note stating her “love” for the company’s designs and thanked them for their consideration.

Nadine Strittmatter, one of Switzerland’s most renowned fashion models, has also revealed that she finds her Wellicious Yoga Pants in Pebble Grey so versatile that she not only wears them during her yoga routines but also for lounging at home and whilst traveling; providing optimal comfort for a variety of occasions. With Indian fashion in mind during the design stage of these yoga clothes, the stylish pants have a deep gathered waistband and cuffed ankle detail to ensure that the trousers are kept in place during headstands, making them perfect for yoga enthusiasts.

“The yoga designs in the Spring and Summer collections are particularly varied to make sure that there is something for everyone’s preference, and with comfortable support, pastel colors, and the latest fashion trends in mind, our team has managed to create pants, shorts and tops so versatile that they can be worn virtually anywhere as well as in yoga class,” says Managing Director of Wellicious, Heike Schnell. “We are delighted that our yoga clothing has drawn a celebrity following, and hope that this will help spread the word about our unique design approach to creating yoga clothes – as well as our Spring and Summer collections in particular, which we think to represent our most innovative Wellicious designs yet.”

To find out more about Wellicious and their range of yoga wear, visit their website at http://www.wellicious.com/ or telephone 0207 221 6996 during office hours.

About Wellicious:

An original London-based label, Wellicious is eco-friendly and specializes in providing customers with high-quality yoga clothing and loungewear. Founded by seasoned traveler Heike Schnell, she got tired of searching for comfortable and attractive yoga clothing and decided to create her own brand. Wellicious supplies a sophisticated, stylish, and cozy clothing collection made from high-quality fabrics and materials, as well as supplying well-being products such as organic teas, lavender eye masks, and anti-aging pillows.


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