England – 09/01/2012WeLoveDates Online Dating Have Overhauled Their Site To Provide An Even More Innovative Dating Service

When you are a successful business like WeLoveDates Online Dating it is easy to become complacent and simply carry on offering the same old service in the same format. Many firms do this, and for a while their business does OK, but eventually some bright young thing comes along and offers something a little more modern and suddenly that firm is losing business.

The dating industry is highly competitive. Every day more and more firms are joining the marketplace all looking to get a cut of this industry that is growing at a phenomenal rate. Those agencies that stand still quickly get swept aside by new companies entering the market, often with considerable financial backing.

How WeLoveDates Online Dating Service Has Been Kept Fresh

WeLoveDates Online Dating has sites in seven countries. in addition to their main site, they run several niche dating sites in each of those countries. This gives them a unique overview of the dating industry and what consumers want and need from a dating site. They were one of the first sites that allowed their customers to register using Facebook and were early adopters of live chat, which most of their clients use to get to know their potential dates.

Perhaps the biggest success WeLoveDates Online Dating has had is with their unique blogs. Their customers love these blogs, because they are not just an advertising gimmick or a link building strategy. All of their blogs, especially the one on their main sites, aim to give their clients sound relationship advice. To make sure that they do so, they regularly invite specialist relationship advisors to write for them.

The extra support they offer and their attention to detail is what really makes WeLoveDates Online Dating stand out from the crowd, which is why they remain so popular. After a few minutes spent on their site it is clear to anyone that they put their customers first and provide what they promise. They provide a dating service that their customers love.


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