Digital ID Releases Its New Card Printer Range

Digital ID has been providing a huge range of services and products for years and their new card printer range is just one of the new products recently added.  Card printers are an essential purchase for many companies and organisations wanting to secure their premises by means of ID card.  Many exclusive clubs might also want to consider a card printer for printing out cards for members.  There is something about a plastic card designed just for you that instils a sense of belonging and importance.  Digital ID finds that many owners of ID cards printed by a card printer are likely to look after them very carefully.

Times are changing and more and more companies are looking to a card printer and plastic cards that can be distributed to staff for easy identification purposes.  You might also like to consider a Zebra card printer to take the identification one stage further with barcodes or speciality labelling.

For buildings that have restricted access in many areas such as airports or train stations, it’s imperative that the right security is in place. An in-house card printer and connected barcode system will ensure that everybody gets the right level of access and that they understand the importance of wearing and displaying their ID cards at all times.  Barcode scanners can be positioned at crucial areas as required and only staff with the right level of access will be permitted entry.

A card printer will not only help you to secure your building from intruders on the outside, but will also ensure that strict boundaries are in place within your building too.  Whether you already use a card reader system or you are simply looking into this kind of service, Digital ID has a wide range of printing solutions that are perfect for such requirements.  They also offer all of the items you need on a daily basis to secure your premises such as plastic cards, lanyards and badge clips.  Why not take a look now and order your new card printer today?  Delivery is quick and you’ll get full instructions to help you get started.

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Digital ID supply a huge card printer and Zebra printer range together with all of the sundry items you need to ensure your staff or club members are permitted entry correctly.


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