ZMOSystems Helps Businesses Save Money On Heating With Waste Oil Burners

Birmingham, UK June 13th 2012 – In the current economic climate, businesses are continually looking for ways in which to become more efficient and to minimise their expenditure. One cost that has been continuously rising for many organisations is energy cost, and the cost of heating. As oil prices rise, so too do electricity and gas prices, but it is still important that the business provides a pleasant and even safe environment in which to work. With a waste oil heater from ZMO Systems it is possible to reduce energy spend, cut operational costs, and provide a beneficial working environmental for all.

Waste oil burners from ZMO Systems can use virtually any type of oil to heat a building. Mechanical oil, cooking oil, and lubricant oil are just some of the most commonly used types and if a business has a regular supply of this waste oil then a heater that utilises it could save money in a number of ways. The primary money saving comes from the reduction in energy expenditure that will be realised by the business.

Energy savings aren’t the only possible financial benefit from a waste oil heater though. Waste oil cannot be poured down the sink or run off into the drain and it must be disposed of carefully and properly. There are regulations about how such materials can be disposed of and this usually requires the use of a company to collect and subsequently dispose of the oil. A waste oil heater negates the need to pay these costs.

ZMO Systems supplies beneficial waste oil burners to businesses around the UK. The burners utilise waste by-products that are created in manufacturing and other industrial processes in order to provide a viable means of heating even the largest of commercial buildings.

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