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England 20/07/2012- SpeedyCall lets consumers find company phone numbers quickly and easily from anywhere

In the modern world, it is surprisingly difficult to find company phone numbers quickly. You would expect it to be easy, but it is not. There are plenty of ways to find a company’s phone number, but they are either time consuming or cost quite a bit of money.

Years ago, if someone wanted to find a company they went to their ‘Yellow Pages’ where they would find companies listed who covered their area. There was not always much information about the company, but at least they could quickly find the phone number and could do so for free.

Today, many companies no longer list themselves in paper phone directories. As a result, many people try to find their telephone number by visiting the company’s website. Sadly, the phone number is often buried deep within the website. Without a doubt many companies want to discourage phone calls, they prefer people to write to them via e-mail. This allows them to farm queries out to helpdesks in other countries. It also allows them to answer customer queries at a pace that suits the needs of their business. Many firms only look at customer e-mails at a quiet point in the day. As a result, finding a telephone number for a company can be time consuming and frustrating because it is not prominent on their website.

Find company phone numbers quickly on the web

Third party phone directory services are cropping up on the internet to meet a growing need. Companies like SpeedyCall provide a quick and easy way for consumers to find the numbers they need. Their website is easy to navigate allowing consumers to find the number they are looking for with just a couple of clicks of the mouse. All of the numbers are 0871 numbers, which allow callers to speak to companies for a fixed amount per minute so customers know how much their call will cost them up front. SpeedyCall is paid for its services because 0871 numbers are listed and customers use them, so it is good for everyone. Using their service consumers find company phone numbers quickly and SpeedyCall makes a small profit each time.


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