A short Management Training Course is Preferred by UK Businesses

England 12/05/2012- The management training course undergoes a revolution in 2011

For many HR managers finding the right management training course can be a real headache. Their bosses want their management team to have a full skill set and to be properly trained. However, they are often reluctant to give up the time necessary to allow this to happen. The needs of the business are such that sending a manager away for two or three days on a training course is no longer a viable option. As a result of this, training courses are having to be made shorter and more focused.

This means that off-the-shelf training is no longer a popular option for many companies. Instead, they are looking for training providers who offer a more bespoke service. Ideally, they want to be able to send their management team on a course to learn specific skills. The UK’s businesses are acutely aware of the need not to repeat training unnecessarily. They understand that a manager who is made to sit through a course, which contains material they have already covered, will not pay adequate attention to the rest of the course. This means they often come away from the course without learning the new skills they have been sent there to learn.

Why a bespoke Management training course is better

Because bespoke training is more progressive, it is far easier to develop a management team using this form of training. The fact that training can be so focused means that good quality training can be delivered in a relatively short period. The management team can then go away and put what they learn into action. If necessary, they can then return a few weeks down the line for another short course to address any issues they had in applying what was learnt. This means that is possible to constantly hone the skills of a management team to meet the needs of a business.

Adalta Development are finding that not only do companies wants bespoke courses they also want them delivered in super quick time. In some cases, they are producing and delivering bespoke courses for clients in as little as 48 hours. For Adalta this is a challenge, but one that they can meet because of the decades of experience they have in the field of management training.


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