Lowara Pumps – Conveyor Chain – Industrial Gearboxes

Motion Industrial Products Limited has the products to get your engineering requirements in motion.

As the principal supplier of all manner of engineering components to leading manufacturing and processing plants across the country Motion Industrial Products Limited is as trusted as our products are innovative.

With a diverse catalogue of components from bearings and conveyor chain designs to sprockets and industrial gearboxes we are fully equipped to provide you with most any mechanical solution that you can think of.

What sets us apart from the competition is simple. We offer these innovative products combined with a customer-focus that’s second to none. Ensuring the satisfaction of our customers is at the heart of our business ethos, and no matter which product that you choose to purchase you can be assured of a timely and efficient service that is second to none.

The quality and ingenuity of our products is no more apparent than in the Lowara pumps that we have. As one the leading pump manufacturers Lowara pumps provide solutions for a whole host of requirements and offer superlative calibre and consistent longevity.

Indeed, Lowara pumps provide solutions for a number of different situations and environments. When you require a pressurised pump for fire-fighting situations, or have designs on purchasing the ideal pump for irrigation applications, these products offer consistent solutions.

Our Lowara pumps are manufactured from stainless steel or cast iron. Our more popular models include the SV, CEA/CA and FHE surface pumps. If you’re in the market for submersible pumps then here at Motion Industrial you can choose from our DOC, DOMO and DIAW options, each of which offers a durability and functionally that is synonymous with every product in our catalogue.

To find out any more information about the catalogue of products that we can offer you, or indeed to contact us and discuss any of our products in greater detail then come and visit us online at: www.motionindustrial.co.uk.


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