A Successful Commercial Office Fitout Is Hard to Achieve

England – 09/03/2012A commercial office fitout is a tricky process especially these day

Carrying out a commercial office fitout is a difficult process, which more people are now leaving to the professionals. Even a simple fit out requires you to pull together different trades people to plan the refurbishment and actually carry it out. The fact so many trades are involved is one of the reasons carrying out a successful refurbishment is so difficult. It only takes one tradesperson to let you down to throw the whole process out of schedule. Getting things back on track after that is almost impossible.

On top of that there are all of the rules and regulations that have to be adhered to. The resulting refit must comply with a raft of health and safety regulations and certain aspects of the build may have to be inspected. Simply making sure that the lighting you design and have installed is adequate is a challenge in itself. All new lighting has to comply with health and safety rules. It must also be installed by a certified electrician.

In addition, during the refit process, the site has to comply with health and safety regulations at all times. Firms that carry out their own refits find this especially challenging. The site is in a constant state of flux and builders, workers and visitors all have to be safe in the area.

Commercial office fitout

A commercial office fitout is a challenge in any place but when you specialise in carrying them out in London you are faced with a raft of additional challenges. The traffic, parking restrictions, noise rules, byelaws and delivery restrictions all make even the simple task of getting basic materials delivered to site a challenge let alone anything else.

Fortunately, Prestige Interiors have decades of experience of carrying out commercial office fitout, so know how to get around these issues. They have no shortage of clients because firms who are based in London know that getting things done to schedule in the capital is a challenge, so prefer to leave things to professionals like Prestige.


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