Advertise a Job Vacancy for Less with Ujob

14/12/2011- Advertise your job vacancy with Ujob for as little as £49.95 and make sure your vacancy is seen by the best candidates in the field.

If you need to advertise a job vacancy, there is no better place to do so than with Ujob. The internet is fast becoming the number one place for jobseekers to look for their next job. This is particularly true of skilled workers who know that they can find all of the best job vacancies online.

Ujob is one of the top UK job search sites, and is seen by a vast network of jobseekers each and every day. For as little as £49.95, Ujob will advertise a job vacancy for up to 60 days. Not only will the job appear at the popular Ujob website, but it will also appear on all of its partner sites too, allowing the job vacancy to be viewed by the widest possible audience on the web.

If that isn’t enough, Ujob will also offer all of its clients the chance to claim back all of their money within 7 days if they are not completely satisfied with the service that they receive, We find that this way of working provides huge benefits for those that are looking to advertise a job vacancy online.

Ujob also offers its clients a guarantee that they will receive, at the very least, 10 candidates for each job that they advertise. This is great news for anyone who has had difficulty in filling a vacancy in the past.

Uploading your job advertisement with Ujob is a very simple process and it can take as little as two minutes. Once the job is available for the public to see, you will be able to track applications and keep an eye on the number of page views in Ujob’s simple administration area. All job applications will be immediately emailed to you too.

Recruitment agencies are more than welcome to advertise with Ujob and will actually be given discounts when advertising with them.

Ujob is a job search company that operates online. It advertises to UK candidates and operates a simple system that gives employers the best possible chance of finding the right candidate for the job.

Contact UJOB:

Vazzee (UK) Limited

60 Windsor Avenue

Dalton House


Greater London

United Kingdom

Zip: SW19 2RR




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