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App Smarty is a great online resource that can bring you the latest cross platform mobile apps out now.  We can offer the hottest iPhone app reviews on the market letting you know what apps can benefit you and where you can find them.

If you love apps and want to know which new apps to try out on next then come and visit App Smarty online now.

App Reviews

There are so many apps out there now it can be difficult to keep up. You could be missing out on some great new apps that could make your life easier.  You should check out the latest iPhone app reviews online now at App Smarty. We review the latest and greatest apps available so that you know just what you need on your iPhone.

This can save you a lot of hassle and help you avoid wasting time and money on apps that may not be suitable or enjoyable for you.

Types of Apps

App Smarty provides all kinds of iPhone app reviews.  We know that you love a wide range of apps from those that are for business to those just for plain good old fun.  You can find out all about many different types of apps online at our website including:

  • Money Saving Apps – there are some great apps out there that could save you money.  For example we have just reviewed the latest MoneySupermarket Car Insurance App.  This helps you to quickly and easily search car insurance policies to find the best money saving deals around.
  • Business Apps – there are so many apps for business you will be spoilt for choice.  We have some great business iPhone app reviews including eMeetMe which helps you to arrange meetings at work more easily.

Review Opportunities

We also want to hear from app fans out there and see which apps you love best.  You can submit reviews to App Smarty and get paid for your honest opinions.  People love to read reviews written by iPhone users. If you use apps all the time and have your favourites then App Smarty would love to hear from you.  Just visit our website and complete the online application form and you could be paid for iPhone app reviews online!

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If you love apps and want to read top iPhone app reviews then go online now to App Smarty.  We find and review the latest apps for you so that you know the best apps to enjoy on your iPhone.


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